This guy got me thinking.

So I am a guy who didn’t give a rip about this whole vampire thing until a few months ago. But my girlfriend did – and still does.

Jen (my gf) has been obsessed with vampires since she read The World on Blood as a teenager. I love her but I’ve spent a good part of the last few years gaming while she watches Twilight part seventy four or the twentieth season of True Blood. Kind of frustrating.

I was semi-bitching about it a few months ago and my mom (bless her heart) says “Well, Michael a good boyfriend would take an interest in his girlfriend’s hobbies.” I conceded the possibility that mom was right. I decided that at the very least I would make an effort to the read the book that got Jen so vamp crazy.

It was good. I killed it in three days. I expected crap of the chick-lit variety. Not so much.

I can’t believe that this guy (Jonathan Nasaw) doesn’t have his own blockbuster franchise of vampire books and movies. Probably because there is a gay element. The main character is a gay vampire who is trying to get off blood – well at least the kind that comes from unwilling donors. He goes to 12 step meetings (loaded with crazy characters) held at a church run by a non-vampire lesbian pastor.

This book has it all: flashbacks to the wild drugged out seventies, straight/gay/orgy sex, a vampire mythology I’ve never heard or read before and it is written really well. If you are at all interested in the whole vampire craze thing you should read The World on Blood.  You can thank me later.

Jen insists that there are real vampires. I think not but I have an open mind. I been doing a little research and I’ve found some things that make me wonder so stay tuned.

Click here to get or read about The World on Blood by Jonathan Nasaw