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More on the retrovirus theory

In my research I came across this article “Alternate Thinking ~ The Vampire Retrovirus.” Part article and part interview it once again posits that real vampires exist and they are created by inheriting a DNA mutating retrovirus from at least one parent. They suggest that, in an individual with this mutation, when exposed to a certain hormone (they don’t identify what hormone) or a high level of a certain hormone during puberty they “awaken” or become fully a vampire.

The authors (Tim, Izidari and Danica. No last names given.) revisit Steve Leighton’s notion that vampirism is a HERV or Human Endogenous Retrovirus. They provide a more cogent presentation of this theory and present the argument that because the human genome has not been completely mapped it is impossible to rule out their theory.

The most compelling part of their argument is the fact that The Human Genome Project has not mapped at least eight percent of the 23,000 human genes. One of the specific areas that have yet to be fully investigated are the DNA heterochromatic regions.

Heterochromatin has been associated with several functions, from gene regulation to the protection of the integrity of chromosomes according to Grewal and Jia in “Heterochromatin revisited”. in Nature Reviews Genetics. That article goes on to state “If evolution makes sense only in the context of the regulatory control of genes, we propose that heterochromatin, which is the main form of chromatin in higher eukaryotes, is positioned to be a deeply effective target for evolutionary change. Future investigations into assembly, maintenance and the many other functions of heterochromatin will shed light on the processes of gene and chromosome regulation.”

This is where they authors believe that the proof of vampirism will eventually be found. A genetic mutation caused by an inherited,  retrovirus induced, defect causing an alternate evolutionary path for humans who have this anomaly.

This is an excellent theory but remains at this time, like all other serious theories of vampirism, impossible to prove or disprove. In my search for answers I am still basically at square one.

(p.s. – Jen has forgiven me. I am free to blog but she has negotiated the right to pre-approval if she is mentioned in my posts.)


One response to “More on the retrovirus theory

  1. Tim

    Good evening Mike,
    Thank you for visiting Real Vampire Life and for considering one of our articles interesting enough to bring here. We are flattered.

    I am a co-manager, staff writer and researcher for RVL and as such it is my task to bring, to the table, all information I can find about modern living vampires. I do this by engaging, and talking with, people who actually live, thrive and define themselves as vampires in whatever aspect.

    As you quite rightly note, there is no “proof” positive of what we claim but just as the most devout practising Christian soul “knows” there is a God, so too do we “know”, absolutely, what our nature is. For us it’s as sure a knowledge as the fact that the sun rises every morning, whether you can see it or not.

    You ask whether vampires exist, I say yes, sincerely, yes.
    Kind regards and respects,

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